Wild Flowers

This page is a permanent work in progress and I fear there are always going to be gaps.  If anyone can identify any of the gaps then please let me know!  

Spring is the most fantastic time of year to visit the island, if only for the wild flowers which are spread in front of you as vividly coloured carpets. The variety of flowers and herbs that grow here are wide and varying and there is never a time of year when something is not flowering, even when it hasn't rained for 5 months.

Here are some photos of what sort of flora you can expect to find on the island. These are by no means definitive and are mostly what I find close to Mastihari but you can find different things in other parts of the island.


 Narcissi and Iris







Different varieties of wild orchids




A positive feast of colour


Wild sweet peas (Vicia) and a type of Campanula




Onobrychis and Wild Honeywort (Cerinthe)



Wild crab apple and Rock Rose


Mallow and Genista


Gorse and Common Asphodel


Bougainvillea - not wild but very beautiful and a Thistle


Chrysanthemum and a Pyramidal Orchid


Lactuca Graeca


Wild Sage and Thyme


As well as Flora we have Fauna!!


Cuprina crupinastrum and Ornothogulum


Scabious and Oxalis


Wild Salvia and Pallenis Spinosa


Echinops and Acacia


Dwarf Narcissi




French Lavender and can't find it anywhere!


Type of Pistacia maybe and Tragopogon


More Fauna!


Not wild - the blossom of an Olive and Lemon tree


Plain common-or-garden clover but even that is giant!


Agave and Banana Palm





Field Gladioli


Type of Lathyrus


..........heading to Kefalos




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