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Whilst my site concentrates on Mastihari, there are times when I find it difficult not to include something about other parts of the island which are so beautiful so I thought a quick journey in photos from one end to the other may give you a better idea of what to expect if you decide to come here.

Starting by looking down onto Kamari Bayand Kefalos



Agios Yiannis - a beautifully situated church










Agios Theologos - not called Wave Beach for nothing!



Limnionas - a small fishing harbour on the North side of the island just below Kefalos








Taken from one of the beaches on the South side of the island looking towards Kefalos


Plaka - close to the airport with wild peacocks wandering around. It is wonderfully cool in summer




The old traditional house in Antimachia

The newly restored windmill in Antimaxia



What it looks like in spring around Mastihari






Honey is an important industry on the island



Heading down to island to Old Pyli -a beautiful old Byzantine village









The view from Zia across the islands





Flamingos in winter at the salt flats in Tingaki


Bee eater - the epitome of summer


The Asclepion - the most stunning historical site on the island and not to be missed








Kos town - all sorts to see and do. I love it.










Kos town marina



Agios Fokas - the very end of the island, just past the thermal springs



And some sunsets shots which are one of the delights of being here - never the same 2 days running





............... for those who plan on staying a bit longer 




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