On the 'main street' running up from the harbour is 'Kennys' Gyros and Grill where you will find Stammatis slaving over a hot charcoal pit to produce delicious gyros, homemade beefburgers, chops and souvlaki.



Accompanying the mouth-watering char-grilled meats, are fresh salads and tzatziki.

If you fancy something different, try a special pizza or spaghetti. If you feel like slumming it on your balcony watching that beautiful sunset again - take your dinner home with you.



If you have had a particularly hard day on the beach, or you have just come back from Kos on the bus and you are in urgent need of a cold drink or an ice-cream, call in, and Stammatis will provide you with the necessary. However busy he is, he will always find a moment to stop and have a word with you, which is why he has customers who go back year after year after year!!






 Restaurant Harama


Owned and run by Orestis, who many of you know from his years in the village, the Restaurant Harama prides itself on a friendly atmosphere, excellent service and reasonable prices. Straddling the roads leading in and out from the harbour, the Restaurant Harama is now firmly established as a favourite for many visitors.




Orestis has a very full menu of grilled and cooked dishes as well as gyros and souvlaki. Food is all freshly prepared in the sparklingly clean kitchen by Orestis himself so you are assured of quality.




The menu includes all your favourite greek dishes, home-made, to traditional recipes. Meat is grilled over charcoal to give it its wonderful succulent flavour and salads are prepared with the freshest local produce. Try spit roasted chicken that melts in the mouth with a delicious herby mediterranean flavour.




If you need fortification in the morning before hitting the beach - or better yet, after the first swim of the day - call in for breakfast which includes cereals and muesli and scrambled eggs.




Orestis and his staff at the Restaurant Harama will be at your service from morning 'till night for whatever you need. Snacks, full meals, sandwiches, gyros pita, drinks, ice creams and sweets and more are available throughout the day.




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